Why a Home Based Internet Business

Lifestyle. That is why I chose online home based businesses. “Lifestyle” is how you chose to live. But not every one gets to choose the way they live. The two main factors in being able to make the choices that you wish are Time and Money. Do you have the “time” to do what you wish to do or are you too busy working? Do you have the “money” to pay for those choices? If you could free up some time and earn more money, what choices would you make? How would that affect your Lifestyle?

There are many home based businesses to choose from. I choose to make money from home online. The internet is vast and growing. Home based internet business opportunities give you the “Time” factor as well as the “Money.” Working an online home based business gives you the added benefit of mobility. All you have to do is find one that compliments your interest, then work it.


“Time” – The only commodity that can never be replaced. How much “time” do you spend supporting your Lifestyle?  Hours working, commuting, prepping all figure in.  If you could reduce any of those, what would you do with that new found time?

Work Hours: How many hours do you spend working for someone else? Who controls your clock? I bet that someone else dictates to you when to start work, when you can go home, how long you get to eat lunch, and what days you have off. What about vacations? Do you decide when and for how long or are you only allowed to go when it is convenient to the companies needs? The one that got me truly aware of this time issue was my kid’s play. I had to ask another person permission to go see my kid because the play fell within normal work hours. And that pained me! I need to control my own clock.
How about you?

How many of your work hours are productive? Think of all the time wasted at meetings and trainings that don’t really apply to you. What about time lost due to you having to wait for others to complete their part of a project. Do you have the materials, supplies, or files needed to do your work or did someone else forget to order them? I am sure you can add other reasons why you were not productive at no fault to you.

Commute: How much time do you spend just commuting to work? That is lost time that could have been invested in sleeping or in cherished moments with friends and family.

Prepping: How much time do you spend prepping for work? In a traditional work place there are certain expectations put on appearance. People spend a lot of time just getting ready for work. Hair, wardrobe, and such all have to be just so. I want you to know, my lap top does not care one bit. I show up however I am.

Don’t you want to control your time?


“Money” – the means in which we pay for our Lifestyle. How much money do you need? Unless you were born with a Silver Spoon, you need to do something for money. In the past that meant either getting a job or starting a traditional business. And like “Time,” there are cost associated with commuting and prepping that are not incurred with an online home based business.

Job: A job (or as some say, a j.o.b. – just over broke) is a means in which you trade your time for money. You perform some skill for a certain amount of money per hour. The only way to make more money is to put in more hours or to negotiate a pay raise. Both of those are decided by someone else.

What if you work smarter and are more productive? In an hourly job, you do not make more money. If you have a commissioned job, you would. But in these jobs, you are still limited by someone else’s rules and time schedules. With home based internet business opportunities, I decide the amount and quality of time I put in. Thus, I decide how much money.

Traditional Business: The risk here is greater. You have to invest in a brick and mortar place to do your business. Purchasing or renting a work space adds to your overhead which takes away from your bottom lines. And what if this traditional business does not succeed? You still have to pay the lease or mortgage. That kitchen table or spare bed room, which you already have, does not cost you any more than you are paying right now. Why not use it?

I am not a tax lawyer, but there are tax benefits with working a business from home. Check with your attorney about the square footage, utilities, and such used in your business. These are immediate savings that add your bottom line. As Ben Franklin said, “a penny saved, is a penny earned.”

Commuting and Prepping: These have monetary cost as well as the before mentioned time expenditures.

How much does gas cost? Think about the wear and tear on your car just getting to and from work. Your car will stay nicer and last longer without the work commute.

How much do you spend on appearance for work? Having extra clothes for work cost money. I am not saying to let yourself go. Just pointing out that you will spend more money on clothes, make-up, hair styles and the like working outside of your home than you will working from home.

Stress & Personal Fulfillment

These are two other areas which weigh into your Lifestyle.

Stress: How would your Lifestyle change if you could reduce and better control the stresses in your life? Without having to commute to work; road rage, traffic, finding parking, and being there “on time” won’t affect your blood pressure. What about dealing with inept co-workers, office politics, or that over bearing boss? All of these disappear when you find a way to make money from home online. I firmly believe that you will enjoy your Lifestyle more without undue stress.

Personal Fulfillment: Finding a means to support yourself and your family that you truly enjoy is one of the secrets of Life.  You will enjoy your Lifestyle more if you have a sense of self worth.   There are home based internet business opportunities that offer the creative freedom to explore and capitalize on what you enjoy.  Your personal growth is for you to decide.  And when you build a profitable online home based business, you will experience that sense of self worth, that fulfillment.

In a Nut Shell

The best home based business opportunity is the one that you enjoy.  Find your interest and work it.  Work it when you want.  Be it 3 a.m. or 1 p.m., the time flexibility is yours to take.  Work it til you make the money you want.  The earning potential is yours to decide. The control is yours.

Controlling your time and money will lead to less stress and more personal fulfillment.  Thus, a much more rewarding Lifestyle will be experienced.  Are you ready to make money from home online?  Are you ready to take control of your time, your money?  Create the Lifestyle of your choosing?


dreamer. . .


  1. Most of us are trying to find a way how to reduce the working hours but not with the cost of lower quality life. I do believe home based Internet business is a solution… but I need to add one thing. It’s a solution for someone who’s able to organize the work from home. When you’re not well organized you may end up working more than you’re actually willing to do in your real life job.
    Of course there’re still benefits of this. No boss, no pressure etc. Still. it’s important to organize the time properly.

  2. I am of the same opinion that an internet home based business is the way to go. There are 3 billion internet users…so the possibility is immense. But like any successful business, this, too, takes a lot of hard work.

  3. I agree with everything you said. I started a small sideline from home not too long ago and it has been showing steady growth. I did this after saying to myself “there has to be more to life than 9-5” but how can you ever experience it if you’re stuck staring through an office window all day.

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