What is the Best Job for Introverts

Asking what is the best job for introverts is way to broad of a question. The construction trades or farming may be best suited for those that prefer to be outside and work with their hands. Whereas those that are inclined to indoor intellectual pursuits will favor the arts and sciences. Introverts come in various sizes and inclinations.

What type of introvert are you? Well that may depend on which psychologist / psychiatrist you favor. Jonathon Cheek breaks down introverts into four types: Social, Thinking, Anxious, and Restrained. Laurence Shatkin uses six categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment tool used in the Jungian school of thought that list sixteen psychological typologies, eight of which include introverts. Other psychological researchers have their own way of categorization.

One could narrow this question down and still leave room for a doctoral thesis. The above researchers, and others, are easily found on the internet and they all have their quizzes and surveys to aid you in finding You. The following is a generalization of introverts and some suggested career choices. You will have to come to terms with your own traits and preferences. Best to you.

A Generalized List of Introvert Traits

If you believe that some or several of the following introvert personality traits reflect your persona, you may want to look into the suggested careers.

1. Good Listener / Not much into Small Talk: They tend to listen more that they speak. When they do speak, you’ll find more thought has gone into it. The discourse will be deeper and void of trivial matters. They prefer to talk to one or two people at a time and shy away from talking in large groups.

2. Detailed Oriented: The “Little Things” do matter. You will find them more focused in their work and more observant in their surroundings. They are better able to study / learn independently and they will do so. This helps to drive them to excel in their field. They tend to specialize in a few areas – an expert.

3. Self Aware: Introverts are more in touch with their feelings, more disciplined. When they commit to a goal, they follow through. You will find them reflective and calm. They think before they speak or act.

4. Self Sufficient: Introverts require less supervision, They prefer to work alone and are more able to find their own answers when questions arise. They are less likely to seek external approval, are easier to please and more trustworthy. Personal space has a higher value. Just give them a task and a quiet space, results will follow.

5. Loner:  This is more of a perception than fact.  Many introverts are true Loners, but most just prefer to be alone.  There is a difference.  Some categories of Introverts do actually have trouble dealing with people and strongly seek the solitude. While others have no trouble dealing and/or working with people, it’s just that they prefer to work alone.

Introvert Jobs Without Degree Requirements

Introverts normally seek occupations in which they spend more time alone rather than working with others. And when working with others is required, they are drawn to jobs with defined teams and situations where there is stability in the personal. Change and large groups are avoided. Some of these may require special training and licensing, but no formal degree program.
Trades: mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, smiths, painters

Business: bookkeepers, archivist, clerks, data entry, tax preparer, janitorial, night watchman, stock shelves, surveillance.

Nature: farmers, park rangers, ranchers, animal care & services, surveyor, forester, utility linesman

Drive: truck drivers, personal driver, mail and package delivery, garbage truck and bus drivers.

Other jobs that require high focus: Air traffic controller, court reporter

Best Jobs for Introverts With a Degree

College educated introverts seek similar work place environments as those without a degree. Preferring jobs with little or no public contact and limited co-worker interaction if any.

Astronomer and Geo scientist seem to top many lists. The sciences offer many avenues for introverts such as geologist, pathologist, theoretical physicist, engineers, mathematician, statistician, actuary. Introverts who become medical doctors tend to be highly specialized or into research. Teachers, Professors, Clergy and the like favor a lecture style and then tutor individuals or small groups personally as opposed to an open group discourse style of instruction.

The Best Work from Home Jobs for Introverts

You are reading this, so I know that you have some basic computer skills. Congrats, you can work from home. Yes, you will need to learn more. Yes, it will take time and work to establish yourself. And Yes, you can succeed. . . being that you put in the quality work. There are other benefits that come with working at home, but I’ll leave that to other articles.

For you office types, there are companies that will hire you for bookkeeping, accounting, data entry, translations, research reports and more. They save money on office space and such while you get to work at home.

Celtic Love Knot, acrylic on canvas. . . by me 😉


Are you artistic? If you have computer skills, then graphic designer, website design, or T-shirt design may be for you. Or are you a more traditional artist (like painting or sculpting,) then selling your works with an Etcy Store will suit you.

Do you have organization skills?  Look into being a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, or a Search Engine Optimizer.  More and more people are putting their lives and businesses on the internet and some will pay you to help keep it all running in good order.


Do you love to write?  Then become a Freelance writher or a Blogger.  There are also companies that will pay you to take surveys.  Looks like someone may value your opinion after all. . .

Is marketing your forte? Being a Niche Site Owner or opening an Amazon FBA Store can be highly profitable.


The bottom line is that the best jobs for introverts is what they personally like to do, just like the rest of the world.  You should evaluate yourself.  Determine your priorieties, values and goals.  Match that with what you love to do, then do it.

Personaly, I value time freedom.  I enjoy helping others and have trouble dancing to someone else’s clock.  Being availabe to drive my kids here and there is important to me.  To be “locationally independent” is a concept that has always appealled to me.

Thus, I have choosen to be a Niche Site Owner.  This not only allows me to earn from home, it allows me to earn anywhere, any time.  I am not bound to a location or a clock, if there is an internet connection then I am up and running.  I am locationally independent.  And once my kids are grown, I will ride my bike across country and still be earning – a digital nomad.  Do you want to join me?

I associated my self with Wealthy Affiliate.  If you wish to learn how to work from home and in time from anywhere; you can do so for FREE by clicking the link.  You will be joining a community of like minded individuals as well as receiving the training,  the support, and the friendship needed to succeed.

If you have found this post to be helpful, please contact me.  If you found it to be pure hog wash, please contact me.  All constructive critisism will be appreciated.  Thank you for reading this far  🙂


Insights came form articles, text and life experience. I am a former Military Officer and have a degree in Psychology.  I have been a waiter, bar manager, construction worker, grounds keeper, casino dealer, and more.  Now I play poker, work on the internet, cycle, paint, and drive my kids around.  I wish to thank the above mentioned researchers as well as Jenn Granneman, Daniel Wallen, Suzanne Lucas, R.J. Weiss, Aletheia Luna, and Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen whose articles I found interesting. Thank you.





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  1. Hi, Ken ! I tend to agree with most of your assertions about introverts here, but Astronomy or GeoScience are not really my forte, so trying to become an Affiliate Marketer, is my destiny, just like yours. It is certainly about how much are you willing to put in, most likely ! All the best !

  2. This is a totally awesome read. As I consider myself an extrovert. Like you said so many questions no narrow down and still could not cover it all.
    The age of the digital nomad – definitely like the sound of that!

  3. Interesting. I think that it is important that you mentioned that introverts have a wide variety of types. There is no one right job for anyone, but you listed some great options for people who are introverts.

  4. Hey Ken,
    This was an interesting read. I would add lab tech to the list for introverts as that’s what I used to do and loved it for many of the reasons you’ve mentioned above, lol. I do enjoy being a site owner a lot more too though 🙂
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Hello Ken,
    I strongly agree with joiningg Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make money online, I learned a lot from it, and it’s a non limited source of information and training about everything related to internet marketing even if you have no experience at all.

  6. As an introvert myself, I have found it difficult to get a job. I always downplay my qualities because I do not like to brag, but your list has helped me a lot. It is appreciated.

    I do have a question though. As an introvert, I have found it difficult to gain experience and skills. What can I do to get those while leveraging the best aspects of my personality? I look forward to hearing your answer. Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Practically all success comes after one steps beyond one’s comfort zone. That “what is easy” rarely pays the type of money in which we seek. To gain the experience and skills that you need, you simply need to take those steps. “Man up” as the ole saying goes or as Michael says in the Nike commercials: “Just do it.” You know that “Nike” is the Goddess of Victory. And no one obtains Victory without some doing. . .
      This “doing,” these “steps” may be uncomfortable at first: So what? If you truly love the Goal, the Endeavor, then I am sure that it reflects the “best aspects of (your) personality.” Your website is about camping and hiking. These pursuits are ideal for introverts who love nature. Now, all you have to do is find a way to monetize these activities in a way that will provide for you and your family. WA is just but one of the income streams which you will cross in your great adventure. . . .

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