Retirement Hobbies That Make Money

Now that you are retired, or thinking of retiring, what do you do now? I see three options: First, you can plant yourself on the couch or bar stool and wait for the undertaker to pay his respects. Second, you could go get another job and dance to someones else’s clock. Or third, go out and do the things you like to do and live your life as you wish. “I’ll take door number 3, Bob.”

I understand that health and finances will play a huge factor in choosing the third option. Do you have piles of money to do what ever you wish? Probably not. If you are like most, you’ll have to find a way to bring in more money to do what you like. Some of you may have to supplement retirement funds just to meet Life’s expenses. That is where finding retirement hobbies that make money come into play.

Here are a few ideas for you of retirement hobbies that pay. I am sure some will spark an interest. And if you know of any other hobbies that can make money, please feel free to contact me.


The beauty of working from your computer is that it is portable. You can work from anywhere that you can get an internet connection. Being “location independent” is a wonderful thing. There are many ways to make money at home with your computer. Blogging, web design, social media manager, proofreading / editing, virtual assistant, graphic design, Facebook Ad Manager, copy writer, author, affiliate marketing, and the list goes on. If you enjoy writing, reading, and such; then the computer is your gateway to where ever you wish. All you have to do is log on and work.


What can you do to service your local community? Do you enjoy driving, teaching, repairing things? There are many needs in your local community in which there is a market.

Drive: Are you able to drive a bus? Local school districts, resorts, charter companies are usually looking or reliable drivers. Do you have a “clean” car? Uber and Lyft are always in need of drivers. Have you ever heard of an Amazon Flex Driver? There are companies that will pay you to deliver local packages. If you enjoy driving, there is a market for your time and skill.

Teach: Do you have knowledge to share? Do you have a passion for math, science, pottery, web design or what ever. Schools, private and public, need a list of substitute teachers. Local community colleges need instructors to teach not only core classes but non-credit specialty topics as well. Do you have a love of sports? You could coach, referee or be personal trainer. How about music? If you are skilled at an instrument, there are those in need of a tutor. For those that are able to relate information of special knowledge to others, there is a market.

Repair: Are you handy? Things break. Those things need to be repaired.

Carpentry seems to be a dying skill. If you can do home repairs, trim work, cabinetry, remodeling and such then you’ll have plenty of work.

How about mechanical skills? Autos, small engines, appliances all need maintenance and repair. You could repair and service lawnmowers and trimmers from your own garage.

Electronics is growing astronomically. Lap tops and tablets are always in need of this or that. Can you replace a broken screen or add memory to a hard drive? Or do you have a knack for chasing down that “Gremlin” in the soft ware? If so, do so.

Arts & Crafts

Do you have a creative side? Put those talents to work for yourself.

Art: A painting or drawing of a local land mark or favorite pet could be some one’s prize display. Photography, writing, sculpting can be marketed as well. Selling “prints” of your work enables you to repeatedly earn money from the same work. Art transcends time.

Crafts: Wood working skills can be put to use. Bunk beds, “hope chest,” jewelry boxes and more can become someone’s family keep sake. A knack with stamps and cards can make special events and wedding invitations all the more special. Sewing from simple mending to dress making or tailored suits (cause everybody likes a sharp dressed man) can be a full business from a spare bedroom. I like to build tables and boxes with wood burning designs in them. What do you like to do?

Gardening / Farming

Do you like to get dirty? Do you have a “green thumb?” It is a fact that people like to eat and some of them like pretty things. If you own your own home or have access to open land, then you could grow things for profit. Even a few square yards can show promise. Raised beds and vertical techniques can add to your yield. There is a growing demand for local produce, especially “Organic.” Decorative plants, as well, are wanted. Certain landscaping trees, shrubs, and flowering plants can be marketed from your home. If you grow it, they will come. . .


Sales is the oldest profession. I know that your mind went somewhere else. But, that was just the product. If you have an expertise in a certain product; be it coins, antiques, sports memorabilia, and such: then you can make money buying and selling. If you have a grasp of the stock market, you could be a day trader. Yard sales, auctions, the internet all offer platforms to buy and sell.



The key is to acknowledge what you enjoy doing and find a way to profit from it. As the saying goes “Labor at what you Love and you’ll never have to Work a day in your Life.” That may be over simplified, yet there is some truth there. You know for yourself that the times in your life that you were working at something that you enjoyed doing, it didn’t seem as much like “work.”

So, what do you enjoy and what do you value? With me, I enjoy painting, wood working, writing, and helping others. I value time freedom and family. On-line affiliate marketing and blogging work best for me. It gives me the freedom to work from anywhere and I don’t “dance to another’s clock.” I have a couple sites that promote local artist and one that educates people in ways to earn money from home. What will you do?






dreamer. . .


  1. Ken, I like your post. It is something to think about that I can enjoy doing but won’t feel like work to me. I value time freedom and family like you do that I am now finding out if on-line affiliate marketing and blogging work best for me too.

  2. Great post, Ken. The nice thing is…is that today you can almost make money in some way or another doing almost anything! With technology and innovation growing the way it is, there’s a job for everything it seems. I think your ideas are spot on and spark some great ideas. Thanks!

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