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Well; if you are going to work from home, you are going to need a home office and a lot of equipment. No, not really. Space and equipment will depend on what your home based business is, but most require very little of either.


“Space: the finial frontier. These are the voyages of. . .”  Oh, wait! Wrong site. But, Space is required and this will be a voyage of sorts – a journey into the home based business world.

But where do you start this journey? Most start right at the kitchen counter or dinning room table. You do not need a dedicated room, but one is nice. I have turned one of my spare bedrooms into a home office. Yet, I spend most of my time at the kitchen counter or at a corner table at some restaurant that offers WiFi.

Some home based businesses do require a lot more space. Does yours require you to manufacture or store product? Artist may need a studio. Woodworkers / re finishers will need a shop. My daughters handle the merchandise shipping for a local musician who has made it to the world stage. They have turned part of my X-wife’s garage into a storage and packing center. A couple walls full of shelving and bins hold T-shirts, Sweat-Shirts, CD’s, posters, and the like. A couple folding tables and a grand supply of packing materials make a shipping station. How much space do you need?

The “Office” part of a home based business usually requires a desk of some sort. Many, as I have mentioned, start at their kitchen table and just pack it up at the end of the work session. Others prefer and more permanent situation with a dedicated work station, as in a nice desk in its own room.  What do you have access to and where are you comfortable? The answers to these questions will determine what is best for you.

I do have a dedicated room for my office, but I spend most of my working time at the kitchen counter. I like the counter because of the height. I can use the bar stool or just stand. There are studies that show that it is healthier to be standing or walking as much as possible while working. I am currently looking into getting a “Standing Desk” and a treadmill. Then, I can get a little exercise and keep the blood moving while forming content for my web sites.


Computer: In today’s climant, it is a very rare business that can thrive without a computer. What type and brand of computer is best? Well, that is a personal question. What do you like? I use a LapTop because of the mobility that it offers. I can easily go from my office to the kitchen or even to a local resturant to log on and type away. Desk Top computers are atractive in that they are less expensive and a lot easier to expand their capabilities. As far as brands go, use what you like. Just make sure that you back-up often on the cloud or with a stick drive. Even the best computer may break and you’d hate to loose your work.

Printer: Some times a hard copy is required and thus the need for a printer. A home printer is very convenient.  Unless you have a “thing” for the clerk down at your local print shop, I suggest that you get a printer.

Folders and Cabnets:  Well, if you produce hard copies, you’ll need a place to put them.  Having an organized work place greatly improves productivity.  Time spent looking for something could be time spent doing something that produces positive cash flow.  You may absolutely love what ever you are doing, but the bottom line is positive cash flow.  With out it, you move out of the business world and into hobby land.  Please, stay organgized and focused.

Odds and Ends:  All those extra things needed to do “office” work like paper, pens, staplers and such, you probably already have around the house.  Now you just may need more of them.  Many people run a “paperless” business and do everything on their computer.  There are a varity of “software” products that enable them to do so.  Some like to brain storm and organize thoughts on a white board, chalk board, or on a wall full of sticky notes.  Have “A Beautiful Mind” episode if you wish.  The “odds and ends” of supplies needed for a home office can be found almost anywhere.


Space and equipement is dependent on your needs and preferences.  The “office” part of a home based busines can be done on a LapTop while sitting on the couch.  Beyond that is up to you.

Personally, I can run the whole of my business from my LapTop.  I just need an internet connection.  This is one of the beauty’s of being an Affiliate Marketer.



dreamer. . .


  1. Great post! My husband built me an office under the stairs. Complete with shelving. I do find myself at the sofa a lot or even working from my phone, at night or on the move. I love being able to work from anywhere with only an Internet connection required!

  2. Thank you Ken for this post, I work at home, sometimes I feel like having more space, especially when you need to make voice over recording, you need a space to organize your equipment in a way that guarantees a high quality recording.

  3. Great article Ken! It summarizes just how comfortable it is to work on your laptop from home. I normally take my laptop to bed. But personally. I hardly use the working space i set up. I just work from any place.

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